Tai Chi & Chi Kung.

    Both Tai Chi and Chi Kung have evolved from Chinese Health, Martial and Meditative Arts. They are founded on the same principles, but differ in their approach.

    The practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung has developed over centuries, leading to diverse but effective methods. The traditions have been traced back to the writings of Guan Tse (700 BCE), Lao Tse (500 BCE), Chuang Tse (400BCE), and the Dao Yin Silk Manuscript (168 BCE), as well as other sources. 


Tai Chi

Tai Chi
    Tai Chi’s main practice centres in slow and gentle movements. 

    Over time, one discovers a feeling of balance and stillness within the movement. 

     The continuous flow of movement leads the practitioner to
‘move like a great river’.
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 Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang
    In Zhan Zhuang (pronounced 'Jam Jong') Chi Kung, 'Standing Like a Tree Energy Exercise', the practice starts with stillness. 

    When the practitioner starts to move, it is from this state of stillness, which is why the philosophy of Zhan Zhuang sates:
‘stillness is the mother of all movement’.
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    Both systems have relaxation at their core. They include physical and mental exercises. There is an emotional journey too.

    In the process of learning how to be relaxed in movement and stillness, one naturally improves one's health, posture, balance and capacity for joyful expression.