Education Professionals


    Tony welcomes inquiries from education professionals about individual clients, groups, or the exercise systems taught.
    Tony delivers one-off workshops, or regular developmental classes, on site.
    Staff and parents are encouraged to attend alongside students.

Age Groups
    Student groups range from Y3 to young adults.

     Each class is tailored to the needs of the group. Previous classes have been focussed on PE, movement, dance, art, multi-cultural, relaxation, PSHE, behaviour management, bullying and personal safety.

    Students will develop motor and balance skills, spacial awareness and shape. They will discover different rhythms and timings. We usually explore their emotional response to the exercises too.
    Students often also experience a new, practical and fun, appreciation of the qualities of calmness, gentleness, thoughtfulness, listening and respect

INSET Workshops
    To learn focussed, practical, techniques that deliver measuable results, Tony runs INSET workshops. Workshops run from 2 hours to a half-day.
    Workshops are bespoke, but often concentrate on:
    - How to deal with, and reduce, stress in the workplace.
    - How to avoid falling ill once the holidays start.

INSET Programmes
    A programme of regular INSET sessions provides in-depth instruction in traditional, simple and effective, performance enhancing techniques.
    Programmes are run flexibly to requirement, and focus on developing:
    - Energised professional performance.
    - Harmonious classroom management.
    - Physical & mental, relaxation and well-being.

     If your school, youth club, YOT, college or other group would like to have a one-off workshop or regular class then please contact Tony. Please be ready with an idea of the client group, your focus, and possible times.