Health and Education


    "Tai Chi & Chi Kung have been practised for thousands of years, because they are effective. Western science now confirms Eastern experience: these arts improve a person's physical and mental well-being." Tony Dove.

    In support of health, education and care professionals, Tony runs targeted classes. These classes address the specific needs of over-50's; over-70's; young people; and individuals with physical, emotional or cognitive difficulties.
    In these classes, students apply natural principles to encourage good health, in a friendly atmosphere of working and laughing together.

    Drawing on 20 years experience in care-work, Tony has developed an inclusive curriculum that speaks to a diversity of ability and awareness. He teaches regularly in nursing, residential and sheltered accommodation; mainstream & special schools; hospitals; day centres; and private homes.

    Tony is engaged by health and local authorities, charities, and by the private sector, to provide bespoke courses that deliver measurable results. He fully integrates his outcome-focussed programmes into the multi-disciplinary approach, supporting the work of the individual, and their care team.

    Students' circumstances include wheelchair users, blindness, deafness, joint and structural problems, recovering from stroke, depression, dementia, behavioural difficulties and a variety of internal disease. Students range in age from 7 to 104.

    Certification, insurance, CRB, and professional references, are all available.

Care-Focussed Classes include:
- Parkinson's.
- Mobility issues (general and specific).
- Falls Prevention for the over 50's, and over 70's.
- Young people with behavioural and emotional difficulties, MLD and SLD.
- Young people with physical disabilities.
- Residential home Activity Programmes.
- Health Promotion Programmes (in-patient and out-patient support).
- Rehabilitation & Recovery Programmes (post-op and post-injury).

- Alleviating symptoms
- Encouraging health
- Flexibility and fitness
- Stability of body and mind.
- Improvement of general awareness.
- Reduced recovery time, post-op and post-injury.
- Strenghening of Immune System.
- Better balance.
- Reduced pain.
- Better sleep.

    For more information about the medically proven benefits of Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang, or to discuss a specific programme for your clients, please do contact Tony.