Gentle exercise for over 50's,
over 70's, and falls prevention


    Tony Dove runs daytime classes, in community settings, to a range of needs and abilities.
    All classes are open and friendly.  There is time to socialise, and talk about a range of issues.
    Some classes are part or wholly seated. There is an anticipation of individuals with conditions such as: arthritis, osteoporosis, replaced joints, stroke, balance problems and heart conditions.
    Tony has run specialised classes for older clients since 2000, and has taught for five NHS trusts and three councils. The NHS Primary Care Team supplement some of the current classes.

     Students have reported improved flexibility, balance, stamina, and a feeling of general well-being.
     Many people say they feel more relaxed physically, and emotionally.  Several people have noticed a reduction in pain, restless legs and night cramps.

Attending Classes
    There is no need to pre-book. Courses can be paid monthly, or as you go.
    Please do contact Tony if you would like more information, or find out which class would best suit your individual needs.