Types of Class.


    In each class, the main practice is supported by exercises such as: Dao Yin (mind-body health excercise), Ba Duan Jin (8 strands of brocade), and Golden Ball Tai Chi (training exercise developed specially by Master Lam for the over 50's).

Over 50ís Tai Chi
    These classes are aimed at those over 50, who are independent and mobile. The goal is to improve health and well being, relax, socialise and laugh.
    Individual ability is catered for, and conditions such as arthritis and replaced joints do not exclude participation.
    The classes are based around the Lam Small Circle Form, although the focus changes every few months. Regular participation is recommended.

Over 50ís Tai Chi for Health
    These classes apply the Lam Small Circle Form, in a mix of seated and standing excercises.
    These classes are aimed at those with balance difficulties, or other limiting conditions. The focus is on promoting and maintaining health, independence and mobility.
    Walking, relaxation and breathing exercises are included. You can attend when you wish, on a drop-in basis.

Tai Chi for those with Reduced Mobility, or In Recovery
These classes feature seated exercises for 30-45 minutes, focused on improving posture, circulation and energy levels. They encourage the body's natural regenerative powers. Through relaxed awareness individuals learn to be more effective whilst remaining safe.
    Exercises to aid recovery from specific chronic or acute medical conditions are discussed and practised. There is also 15 minutes of balance training for those who wish to participate.
    Regular attendance is beneficial but not essential. Simple and safe home exercises are also taught.

Over 50ís Tai Chi:  48 step Lam Form
    This class is for those who wish to take their Tai Chi study further.
    Students willl have some previous experience of Lam Tai Chi and should
contact Tony directly for information.
    Regular participation and home practice are essential.

Private tuition is available
contact Tony for details, and to arrange an assessment.